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Walk This Way

Session: Walk the Walk: How Patient-Centric Business Models Can Drive Measurable Value for the Organization
Presenter: Hensley Evans, Principal, ZS (watch our interview with Hensley)

For a patient to experience a seamless, positive healthcare experience, a lot of “stuff” happens in the back end, explains Hensley Evans, Principal, ZS.

  1. There needs to be an active, ongoing commitment to engaging the patient in his or her own healthcare — and there needs to be a leadership vision to enact this.
  2. Enabling technology, data, and analytics needs to be in place so the healthcare team knows, based on the patient’s data, if there is a health problem. In addition, there needs to be a process in place to ensure that the patient is made aware of any identified problem.
  3. The patient needs to understand the value of the interaction in step #1 and step #2.
  4. In order to accomplish all this, there must be a general understanding as to what each individual patient needs.

However…there may be some bumps in the road to patient centricity.

  1. An organization needs structure and momentum.
  2. There may be a conflict of interest: science vs. patient.
  3. There may be gaps in insight and knowledge.
  4. There may be a lack of alignment of stakeholder interests.
  5. As always, there are regulatory concerns to contend with.

By the way…if you would like to know where you stand in patient centricity — or perhaps what you need to consider — Evans suggests taking a brief, insightful survey:

Hensley Evans is a Principal in ZS’s New York office and is the leader of ZS’s consumer and patient marketing practice. Evans has worked with many of the world’s top healthcare, biopharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods brands to offer strategic direction and insight.

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