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The Envelope Please…

The 16th eyeforpharma Philadelphia kicked off day one by bestowing four prestigious awards that recognize true movers and shakers in the pharmaceutical industry. These people and their respective companies represent thought leaders that provide the maximum value to the greatest number of patients, explained Paul Simms, eyeforpharma Chairman. “They initiate what really matters; they deliver real value,” he added.

Entries for these prestigious awards originally totaled well over 100, and for months, a panel of eyeforpharma judges whittled the list down. On Monday, April 9, the final remaining contenders — all considered national top-achievers — were reviewed one final time. On Tuesday, April 10, before a packed house of nearly 800 attendees, honors were officially acknowledged and awarded.

Most Valuable Patient Initiative

nCompass, Novocure

Patient Initiative, Frank Leonard, Novocure

This award recognizes innovative projects designed to deliver tangible patient improvements both in the long and short term. Demonstrating real understanding for the patient requirements prior to implementation, these finalists have made an exceptionally positive impact on their intended customer.

Patient Advocate Award

Jen Horonjeff, Savvy Cooperative

Patient Advocate, Jen Hornojeff, Savvy Cooperative

This award goes to an individual or group that has provided the patient with a voice — a voice that has influenced governments, customers, or other patients, and ultimately provided better results for society. Good advocates challenge the status quo, ensure that patients are heard and empowered, and motivate others to account for those in need. The judges look for evidence of original work with pharma and health organizations that makes a difference. That difference may come in the form of increasing access, understanding, education, value, or health benefits to patients and caregivers.

Most Valuable HCP Initiative

BD Vascular Access Management

HCP Initiative, BD, Michael Ferrara and Diane Caton

This award honors innovative projects designed to deliver tangible working and healthcare improvements both in the long and short term. Demonstrating a genuine understanding of real health requirements prior to implementation, a winning project in this category has made an exceptionally positive impact on the intended customer.

Most Valuable Pharma Collaboration

IBS-D Patient Engagement Platform, Allergan, Sonar MD and Illinois Gastroenterology Group

Most Valuable Pharma Collaboration, Robyn Carson, Allergan

The winners of this award are either a pharma-to-pharma or pharma-to-non-pharma initiative that bring a new proposition to customers and/or healthcare systems, create new value, and redefine what is possible in our industry with a degree of lateral thinking.

Closing the awards for 2018, Simms added, “For all those who think they match these winners — or do better — we look forward to hearing from you in the coming year and celebrating you on stage during eyeforpharma 2019.”

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