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Mapping Success

Be prepared to learn about the most advanced strategies to revolutionize the patient experience – and in turn, your commercial performance.

If you could open Google Maps and search for the best route between your company’s value and your success, be prepared for a bevy of twists and turns. There’s no straight path! To reach the most valuable route – or solution – you need to navigate the right mix of patient insights, smart data, faster analytics, innovation culture, and partnership strategy.

That’s where eyeforpharma Philadelphia comes in. Two-days of enlightening sessions will help you figure out how to embrace the patient journey so you can create a new type of value that goes beyond the drug you’re selling.

PM360’s ConferenceInsider coverage of eyeforpharma 2018, Tuesday, April 10th and Wednesday, April 11th in Philadelphia, PA, will connect you to many of the world’s greatest pharma thought leaders.

Is it worth your time to check in and read up on daily interviews and updates? The experts say, “Yes!”

Consider this conference’s meteoric ride into expert-status:

  • 2015: About 170 industry experts attended the conference.
  • 2016: Attendees increased to roughly 220.
  • 2017: Approximately 650 attendees made the annual event.
  • 2018: eyeforpharma 2018 welcomes nearly 800 attendees, as well as 39 NPS, 60 industry-respected speakers, 6 workshops, and 40 sessions.

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