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Adapt and Be Agile

Daniel J. Gandor
Director, Digital Innovation and Corporate Program Management at Takeda

Session: The Power of Digital Health: Transform opportunity into genuine patient benefit

Presenter: Dan Gandor, Director, Digital Innovation and Corporate Program Management, Takeda

Watch our exclusive interview with Dan here at eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2018.

Blending a mix of music and technology, Gandor examined what it will take to go platinum with a hit that expands the world of digital capabilities and creates true patient benefits.

In a nutshell:

  • We need to take advantage of the vast opportunities in digital health by partnering with digital health companies across the healthcare ecosystem, which includes major players as well as adaptable, agile startups.
  • Like Takeda, take the time to learn from other digital health companies; examine how they apply this agile and innovative thinking to their approach.
  • Identify where pharma has the greatest opportunity to impact patients’ lives and why we must be aligned as an industry to focus our efforts.

Is it time to dive into the digital health pool? The numbers say, “YES!” For example, 2017 marked an all-time high in digital health and investment. What’s more, those in the know have identified “The Best of What’s Next” in terms of digital health:

  • AI/Machine Learning & VR
  • Blockchain Data Security
  • Chatbots
  • Telemedicine
  • A still evolving internet

But, Gandor asks, is this what the patient wants? Again, yes, but with qualifications. Patients expect digital health to balance the exchange of information with patient-centered programming. This includes better care in exchange for data, a partnership in decision making, and genuine engagement.

We must consider empathy and true patient needs above the business of partnerships.”

One way to achieve these must-haves doesn’t necessarily mean partnering with “platinum” players. When digital is done right, Gandor adds, teaming up with a start-up or smaller established partner can result in a SAFER model, which combines Pharma’s deep patient knowledge with digital health’s agility.

Working with this model, Takeda created a succinct acronym to judge a start-up:

Scalability: they can grow.

Acumen: they have the right expertise.

Funding: they can support themselves…and don’t depend on one and only one relationship.

Effectiveness: their concept works!

Regulations: everyone understands what is and is not permitted.

While it’s a formula that leans toward success, Gandor stresses that before there can be desired global health solutions, “we must consider empathy and true patient needs above the business of partnerships.”

Bottom line, there are a lot of opportunities once we explore, consider, and tap into the innovations available in our community.

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